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But as psychologist and artificial intelligence expert Robert Epstein notes, this comes with a built-in paradox. However, you will NOT receive course credit, a degree, or a certificate.

First, and maybe most obviously, they are free. This feature is useful for filtering out results that have tags you are absolutely not interested in. In this course, you will get an introduction to the U. OpenCourseWare is also a good idea for students about to enter a very specialized field, such as a degree in medicine or the law.

Students can make sure they are getting the most out of their not-so-free education by also taking free online college courses in the same topic. Epidemiological Methods — Public Health Agency of Canada — This module will introduce you specific approaches and methods used in public health epidemiology.

Free online textbooks, lecture notes, tutorials and videos on mathematics: Emergency Preparedness Training for Hospital Clinicians — Univ at Albany — Web-based course that provides hospital and community-based clinicians with awareness level training concerning appropriate responses to emergency events whether they be biological, chemical, explosive, radiological or nuclear incidents.

Explore the links to lectures, OpenCourseWare and forums offered by this resource. If you want to only see domains www. We discuss how different approaches to measuring, defining and monitoring health inequalities are influenced by social and political factors and how this, in turn, shapes strategies for addressing such inequalities.

The deeper the color of the tag, the more frequently the website is tagged as this. Many other universities followed suit. Since the webcasts are more or less recordings of actual lectures, as opposed to courses optimized for web, they lack lecture notes and supplementary materials.

It is the third module in a suite of three introductory modules focused on epidemiology and public health. Risk Communication for Community Health Centers — Univ at Albany — The course is intended for clinicians and managers in community practice sites who might interact with the public or with the media during a public health emergency.

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Children's Books Even children's books are now available online. Students will learn what responders must do during the critical period of crisis response, and how organizations can prepare themselves for high performance in these situations.

Crisis Management and Emergency Preparedness — Harvard Extension — Crisis management and emergency preparedness from a managerial perspective will be the focus of this course.

Available courses at this site include an introduction to tourism, technology and society, general science and creation of interactive multimedia. Gender and Health — Global Health eLearning Center — Coursework in this program will discuss gender and the differences and the inequalities between men and women in program planning, implementation, and assessment.

Students focus on how a broad biosocial analysis might improve the delivery of services designed to lessen the burden of disease, especially among those living in poverty. Lori Kaufman June 30,This site's largest collection includes fiction books.

Alumni organizations can help spread the word about their alma mater. Also, students learn about the basics of biostatistics and epidemiology, as well as their most practical applications in public health. Take a look and let us know which ones are your favorites. But, another fork to take in the marketing path is through the Internet, as MIT and other schools have done in sharing courses online and without charge.

Math and Science Turn to this list to find books about math, science, engineering and technology. Fundamental questions about healthcare and its moral importance will be explored in discussions such as healthcare and human rights, and controversial issues such as reproductive rights.

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KnowThis Free Online Textbooks: Rice University offers a rich resource of learning modules that focus on a wide range of subject matter. An Introduction to the U. Thus, robots may entail a dark irony. No registration is required to take advantage of these educational materials.

Use this portal to find specific courses in humanities and social sciences. Wells, as well as speeches from George W. We are unique among neuroscience and cognitive science departments in our breadth, and in the scope of our ambition. The courses are free and, normally, there is no sign-up.

Benefits of OpenCourseware. Taking free online classes through OpenCourseWare is a great idea both for students just starting out and those wishing to brush up on their skills.

You can find the answers to these questions and much, much more on the Tufts OpenCourseWare (OCW) website. Tufts OCW is a free, online publication of high-quality educational material contributed by Tufts faculty from a number of Tufts University courses.

Apr 16,  · Nancy Collamer is a career and retirement coach who is the author of Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit From Your Passions During Semi-Retirement.

Cloud Computing.

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cloud computing, Wikipedia entry - including info about some of the leading companies offering cloud computing. Cloud Computing - news and discussion, at Infoworld. Cloud Computing: Benefits, risks and recommendations for information security (), by European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), Nov The key conclusion of this paper is that the cloud’s.

Harvard University Extension. Introduction to Epidemiology – Harvard Extension – This course is an introduction to the basic principles and methods used in epidemiologic research.

Applications to public health and strategies for disease prevention are also discussed. Tufts OpenCourseWare (OCW) Steering Committee Tufts Technology Services In addition, we have been a Charter and sustaining member of the OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCWC), where Associate Provost Mary Lee serves on the Board of Directors.

Tufts university opencourseware
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