An introduction to the dorm life at bowling green state university

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For two decades, students from Bowling Green State University have traveled to Navajo Nation for a cultural emersion experience.

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Participating students get a chance to get out of northwest Ohio and experience a whole new way of life on the reservation while forming lifelong friendships with their classmates. Nov 1, - Disruption in Parking — Another Look - JVH, Parking Today - Back in Early October, I wrote a piece poo pooing disruption in our.

Oct 29, - A Fly in the Shoup, Continued JVH, Parking Today - And then we have to go in and clean up the had a lot of. It has been proven that students who live on campus have a higher GPA – and persistence towards graduation – faster than their peers who live off campus.

Because of this, Bowling Green State University’s Board of Trustees has set a Residency Requirement that states a student must live on campus their first two years.

An introduction to the dorm life at bowling green state university
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